soraman (soraman) wrote,

Кужебарская мелодика trio page

Nadishana - hang SpB (Kurd + C) David Kuckhermann - cajon, udu, percussion, foot rattle Armin Metz - 6-string fretless bass According to the mythology of Kuzhebar people SHU KHUR is the Guide which one could get in the process of the painful initiation. This guide directs the person towards strong, pure and purposeful life In different sources SHU KHUR is also the spirit of groundwater and it's usually depicted as a water bird or a woman with the bird attributes. filmed by Julia Surba, produced by Nadishana at Sound Microsurgery Department, Berlin, may 2012.

Ещё одна мелодия для души

Tags: КУЛЬТУРА, Кужебар, клипы, музыка, православие

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